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Data & Analytics

Forging Intelligent

Ripe transforms the way your business uses data.

Leveraging our analyst teams experience with technology and web analytics, we unlock the potential of data science to produce insight into your businesses most valued KPI’s.

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We believe in understanding before actioning

All our campaign strategies start with Who.
Who are your target markets? What are their thoughts and opinions? Their Influences? How can we encourage them to act and engage.

Ripe’s extensive collection of market research services, help businesses like yours to gain insight for competitive advantage.

Performance Analytics

How is your campaign performing?

Through Ripe’s performance analytics data, you’ll know – in real time.
We insert measurement tools into all digital marketing campaign components. Utilising our advanced analytics technology to examine and manage all essential marketing programs, every minute of every day.
Out team then apply these findings to optimise and modify the campaign strategy, to ensure continual improvements.

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Our Data & Analytics Approach

Analytics Installation

Our team makes sure website analytics are accurately setup and tracking the correct goals and conversions – Additionally integrating data from Ad platforms like Facebook Ads Manager & Google Ads.

Data Visualisation & Reporting Framework

We determine the KPI’s that measure improvements and align with business goals. Establishing a digital dashboard for you to view progress and calculate results.

Our digital dashboard blends data streams from all elements of your business into one. Providing you a powerful platform that allows integration and connection between your digital marketing activities and business goals.

Reporting & Recommending

We report back to you regularly about the performance of your digital marketing campaign, providing insights and noticeable trends.
When establishing insights, cross-examination is key. Each department of your marketing team will have their own theories about why a specific strategy is outperforming another – Testing these hypothesis’s ensures smart collaboration, leading to superior performing campaigns.

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